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The journey continues

Sometimes I think the most difficult part about a blog or website is just selecting the look of it.  After all, it’s the first impression people get so you want to make it good.  For years I blogged once weekly with my writing pals at The Writing Playground.  Then one by one they sold and it just got to be such a hassle to come up with a new topic every week.  So by mutual consent we (along with a lot of the rest of the blogosphere) put the blog on hold.  Everything’s still there — all the posts along with photos and articles and interviews.  There’s some really good stuff there from terrific authors who were generous enough to share with us.

Now I’m looking at a different path to publication and after a very long, dry writing spell, I’m back in the saddle even if somedays I feel like I’m backwards or side-saddle or even hanging by one stirrup.  I can’t promise how often I’ll post here.  My life should be simpler now — no kids at home and no husband.  But I have this day job and I have volunteer activities and church things.  So… here goes with the twists and turns of my writing life.


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