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Be good to yourself

We live in a dog-eat-dog world.  Competition for everything is fierce.  And too often we’re harder on ourselves than anyone else ever is.

So when you get the chance to pat yourself on the back, do it.  Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself rewards for hitting goals.

I have a deck of Self Help Cards by Cheryl Richardson.  I turn one over every day, and when I’m through with the deck, I shuffle and start over.  My card for yesterday said TIME:  Schedule a sacred date with yourself.  You deserve time for your life.  Today’s card was RELAXATION:  Allow yourself to be lazy.  It’s okay to “do” nothing.

I had planned to take some time off and let the novella I just finished “sink in.”  I need to let it percolate so to speak.  And then I’ll tackle revising it.  But these cards gave me permission to.  Actually, they reminded me it’s good and important to do this.  So tomorrow I’m having a massage, and the rest of the weekend I’m going to catch up on some reading and maybe watch a DVD or two.  Then Monday I’m back in the writing saddle and back on Weight Watchers.

I treated myself to something else special:  flowers.  I love having fresh flowers and really should treat myself to them more often.  Like the L’Oreal commercial says, “I’m worth it.”

How do you like what I picked out for myself?  And what do you do to treat yourself?



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