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Mark one off my bucket list

Actually, being in a tornado was never on my bucket list, but if it had been, I could mark it off now.  The National Weather Service has officially categorized Thursday’s storm as an EF1 tornado.

I didn’t get picked up and deposited in Oz, but it was quite an exciting afternoon.  I can live without that sort of excitement, though.  Just give me a good book or movie instead.

Today was sunny and I spent it with my RWA chaptermates and my fellow Playfriends from The Writing Playground (sans Kimberly Lang who was having a book signing in Pigeon Forge, TN).  We had a great meeting, a dress swap (I scored a great little black dress and someone else got two dresses of mine I couldn’t wear any more — can you say win-win?) and a productive writing session at a nearby deli.

I’m very close to finishing the short story revision. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Monday. If it’s sunny tomorrow too, I might just commune with nature instead of writing.


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