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Let the competition begin!


Boroughs Publishing Group’s “What’s in a Name” novella contest begins today and I have an entry there.  “Better as a Memory”  was inspired by Kenny Chesney’s song of the same name, and  the story revolves around Victoria Sharpe, an image consultant who’s hired to improve the wardrobe and appearance of her former college beau, Max Brown.  She’s all about looking your best on the job and his first concern is being as comfortable and utilitarian as possible.  Think “What Not to Wear” meets “Man versus Wild.”

Vote here for BETTER AS A MEMORY.  It’s the second entry.  And tell your friends and your neighbors, your critique group and fellow bloggers, your mama and granny and all your brothers, sisters and neighbors.  Tell everyone to vote!  And you can vote EVERY DAY!

But it gets better.

For those of you who post and/or share on Facebook (you can friend me at Marilyn Lyerly Puett so I’ll know you’ve posted or shared) or who tweet or retweet on Twitter (I’m there as @marilynpuett), you’ll be entered into drawings for prizes like autographed books, handmade beaded bookmarks and gift cards from Starbucks and Amazon.  The further I go in the contest (there will be 3 rounds of voting in all), the better the prizes get.  I have some NY Times bestsellers’ books lined up along with plenty of romances from various Harlequin lines.  Round 2 will commence on June 24.  Round 3 begins on July 8.  The winner will be announced at the RWA conference in Atlanta the following week.


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