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Weekend Edition!


And because it’s the weekend and because the voting is still going on, I’m going to entice you once again.

Just vote for BETTER AS A MEMORY on the Boroughs website, then comment here or post on Facebook (tag me as Marilyn Lyerly Puett) or on Twitter (@MarilynPuett) and you’ll be entered to win a $20 Amazon card to be given away tomorrow.  That should keep you readers busy for a while with a couple good beach or poolside reads.

Meanwhile I have a writers’ conference to get ready for.  On today’s agenda is a manicure and pedicure, trying on everything I’ve put out to pack so I’m sure it fits and is not in need of being laundered and starting to pack.  I can go ahead and pack shoes, pajamas and robe, toiletries (I keep an extra set) and some other things.  I have a list and will check things off as I put them in the suitcase.  If you’re looking for a great packing list, my friend Andrea Laurence posted one on her blog today.


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