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We come to the end

Five weeks ago I started a journey unlike any other.  I’ve entered writing contests before, but the finalists and winners were selected by a panel of judges.  The Boroughs “What’s in a Name” contest had been judged by YOU.  There’s been no feedback except after each round when the authors saw whether or not they advanced to the next round.  We don’t even know who we’re competing against because the only information about each entry is the song title and artist that inspired the story.

Five weeks ago I hoped I could at least make it to round 2.  I had worked on a promotion plan and put it into action as soon as the contest began.  Some things worked well (Facebook and Twitter) and others didn’t (joining the Kenny Chesney Facebook page).  But hey, live and learn, right?

Not only did I make it to round 2, but I made it to the 3rd and final round.  And tonight at midnight Pacific time, the contest ends.  It will be up to the folks at Boroughs to tally the votes and read the name of the winner on Friday night, July 19, at their Open House at the Romance Writers of America conference.  Will I be there?  Absolutely!  Will I be nervous?  You better believe it!  Do I think I can win?  Yes!  I’ve worked consistently to bug the heck out of y’all promote my entry and get your votes.  Will I be disappointed if I don’t win?  That’s another yes, but I have done everything I knew how to do to win.

You have one more chance to vote before midnight and then the curtain drops on this show.  So bop on over to the Boroughs website and cast one last vote for BETTER AS A MEMORY.   And let me take this opportunity to thank each of you for voting and for doing your own promotion on your Facebook feeds.


P.S.  Yesterday’s winner of a $20 Amazon gift certificate is Linda Rogers.  Congrats, Linda!


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