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And the results are…

I realized I hadn’t posted anything about the RWA conference and the results of the Boroughs novella contest.

First, the conference was great!  I went to high tea at the Ritz Carlton with friends.  I ate at a couple great restaurants, including a terrific Turkish place.  They had lamb; what’s not to love?  I saw old friends and made new ones.  I got lots of books and promotional goodies.  The luncheon speakers were so inspiring, especially Kristan Higgins.  She made us laugh and then she made us cry.  But we all came away loving her.  The Rita and Golden Heart ceremony ran like a well-oiled machine (shout out to my fellow Playfriends Kira Sinclair, Andrea Laurence and Dani Wade!).  Congrats to the winners.  I got to help with the trophies this year.  Now I wonder what the person who hands out the Oscars feels like.

And now for the contest results.  I didn’t win the overall prize, but because YOUR votes got me to the final round, my novella will be published!  I don’t have any info yet about a release date but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

I did, however, get the most popular votes (thanks again!) and because of that I get to submit a full-length manuscript for consideration.  Woot!

I say I’ll keep you posted, but it won’t be here.  Pretty soon I’ll be launching a new website under my pseudonym.  No one can pronounce or spell my last name, so I dug back through the family tree and found a name I really liked.  I’ll still be Marilyn.  I think it would be too much to learn to answer to a different first name.  But the last name will change.  Just look for an announcement and directions to the new website.

Here’s a photo of me at the Boroughs open house.  The woman on the right is Alanna Lucas, overall winner of the contest.  She writes Regency romance.  On the left is Joan Bird, one of Boroughs’ authors.


It’s going to be an exciting (and scary) adventure to finally work with my editor and have the professional guidance to make my work shine.  I often wondered if I’d ever be able to say those words — my editor.  I don’t yet know who it will be, but I met them all and I will be happy regardless.


One thought on “And the results are…

  1. Hey Marilyn,

    Congratulations again! I know it is SO difficult to get anything published. I am a poet, and the whole thing has changed so much since we were in school. The academics have completely taken over poetry, but that’s not a good thing for someone like me who is not an academic. There are maybe two majors publishers who still publish poetry, but they only publish very well know people like Mary Oliver, Billy, Collins, and Sharon Olds. And they can be so mean and nasty with one another. It sounds like the women you meet at these conferences are mostly nice, so that’s a plus.

    Now, I didn’t think that there were too many people in the South with weird names, lol. I know when I went to school in Oregon, I was one of the only kids who had an English name instead of a German one. But both of my parents’ families came from the South. It is so much harder to get poems published if you are a woman. I’ve even thought of using my initials. I’ve heard it is the opposite with Romance writers, and that men have to use a female name.

    Anyway, this is Carol, from the chat room.

    Take Care,

    My real name is

    Diane (and, no, I’m not black.)

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