That stands for Thank Goodness I’ve Friends.  Yeah, it’s a stretch (the acronym, not the friends part) but it serves my purpose.

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I wouldn’t be as far along as I am in my personal life, my writing life and the novella contest were it not for a little help from my friends.  So I want to say a big thank you to my entire circle of friends.  You know who you are.

And also, TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)!  I have scads of things to do before I leave for the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta.  I’m so excited to see friends I only see once a year, or in some cases, once every couple years.  I’m excited about attending workshops and learning more.  And I’m uber excited about the Boroughs Open House on Friday where the novella contest winner will be announced!  I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck by then.

Keep those votes coming, folks!  You can click right HERE and vote once a day.

No contest today but I’ll have a big one tomorrow!

P.S.  The winner of the $10 Starbucks card is Sherida Stewart!



I’ve had a long, frustrating week in many ways, but it’s Friday (albeit a rainy one).  It’s also the day before the second Saturday of the month, so that means only one thing:

RWA chapter meeting tomorrow!

My local chapter is Heart of Dixie, and I’ve been a member for nine years.  I’ve learned a great deal from the other members, the monthly programs and the workshops we have periodically.  It’s a time to meet with other people who understand that voices in your head aren’t necessarily a sign of mental illness and who also understand the frustrations of operating in a publishing world that seems to change hourly.

The best part, though, is getting with my Writing Playground peeps.  We’ve been together since 2005.  The other four members of the group, Kimberly Lang, Andrea Laurence, Kira Sinclair and Dani Wade, have all sold to major publishers.  While I’ve sold around 250,000 words of short stories — the equivalent of 4 category romances — my name hasn’t been on any of them and none of it counts with RWA toward any sort of recognition.  The Playfriends, however, have recognized my accomplishments and continue to be supportive.

The long dry spell I’ve had during and since my divorce seems to have come to an end and I’ve been back in the writing saddle since the first of March.  I have a novella almost ready to submit to a publisher contest and a short romance (about 8000 words) nearing completion for submission to the same publisher. And I have some new story ideas too.  So it’s onward and upward for me.

And speaking of stories almost ready to submit, I’d better get back to them!